Saturday, November 28, 2009

Semi Abstract?

Quick drawing made weeks ago. I Intended to make an abstract drawing, but ended up making something that resembles a view of a landscape. Abstract itself, I don’t know the meaning, there is a lot of confusion between abstract and non-objective. Whatever it is, all tried to do was randomly play with colors in photoshop and let the imagination run riot.

landscape river


zakiya said...


kazu said...

It's beautiful.

uteute said...

diilll!! km keknya salah jurusan:p coba deh maen ke studionya anak seni lukis FSRD itb..hehehe banyak bgt lukisan2 keren. daann cocok bgt keknya km dsana;p

Anna Karin said...

I like this very much!I always start in an abstract way when painting, sometimes ending up more figurative sometimes not . Do continue to paint!