Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mang Engking

Mang-Engking-0001 Mang Engking ni tempat makan paling top di daerah depok! (menurut gw) lokasinya didalem UI lagi, jd bagi mahasiswa yang ngekos ato tinggal di asrama ga perlu repot keluar kalangan UI yang serba macet dan polusi (udara ama suara). Tempatnya mantep banget, bisa lesehan di saung dan suasananya mirip pedesaan.
Gw ma temen2 sering makan disini, dan biasanya gw ga bayar.. soalnya kalo makan disini pasti waktu ultah temen gw.... seakan- akan mang engking ni jadi tempat yang wajib untuk dikunjungi kalo ada yg ultah. Tapi hari ini beda.. soalnya giliran gw yg neraktir temen2 gw, hhe.
Menu2 yang mantap menurut gw: udang bakar madu ama gurame! dan ini emang banyak digemari orang- orang..

oh iya, hari ini gw ga moto apa- apa di mang engking, jadi gw ngambil foto dr tempat orang aj,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

relaxed and leisurely

I’m keeping the pace without hurry or haste.. the time will come by itself and it did. The anniversary of one’s birth has come and I wish myself all the best.. happy birthday to me.. spark fb

and by the way this is my work I made just 3 hours before my birthday.. the "person" in the drawing is a girl, so it’s not me. This person (if really is a person) doesn’t represent me either.. and she is nobody.. just felt like to draw something like this..and I'm quite happy with the result. So.. that's it, I think I'm out of words.. I hope you all have a great day!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Art and engineering

I’m having a little pause from all these engineering drawings right now. Engineering drawing is all about formality and precise way of communicating information about the shape, size, features, and precision of physical objects. In fact drawing itself is the universal language of engineering. So.. this is the drawing I’m currently making.. still need few more hours to finish I think.


This is actually a drawing of a microphone stand that me and my friends made in the manufacturing lab..

 fadil  hannibal

and these are me and Hannibal doing some welding. Welding itself is a fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals. The flame is dazzling, that’s why you have to wear the mask. Here is the video of our activity.

the making of microphone stand

There you go! the mini microphone stand is ready. By the way, the guy holding that mic stand is my friend, Hannibal Nasserie. He’s not only a student, he’s also a musician. He plays guitar in the band called idealego. He’s gonna have a concert in the Netherlands this month! But before going there, he (and all other students) have to face the final exams first ! Wish us luck!

Lastly, when I think about all these engineering stuff.. they’re not that different compared to art. In fact, engineering is art.

Image033 STAND MIC Proses Produksi_KALKIR