Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wide awake and frozen

I've heard stories about sleep paralysis long ago. 'Ghost' appearance is a common thing during the paralysis and there's a scientific explanation about it. However I was still really curious about the phenomena. I wondered how people feel during sleep paralysis. Few years later... or a few days ago, my curiosity was solved. It's not like I was wishing to experience sleep paralysis. I never knew what was coming. I was watching T.V. while lying on my bed at night. I didn't intend to sleep, but without realizing, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I  suddenly  saw shadows. I looked at the shadows and they transformed to ghostly looks. Their scary faces approached me until they're right in front of my face. I was in confusion and panic. I don't know whether it was a dream or not, I think I was hallucinating . The environment slowly turning into my own room and I could see ghosts, I tried to kick them but then I realized I couldn't move. The paralysis lasted about 10 seconds. I finally sat down, turned on the lights and felt relieved. From that point I understood that anyone who's struggled through an episode of being wide awake and frozen knows it's not a pretty thing.


fajardesign said...

lama gak mampir kesini sob,,,btw

"hudoq juara di mojiwar nih,,,simak flashback perjalanan hudoq dari awal sampai akhir disini,,terima kasih sudah setia mendukungnya sampai dia juara :D"

salam blogger indonesia!! :D

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