Greetings from the author of this blog; Fadil Wimala, who is often called upon for his involvement in social activities (not) and can be seen wandering around wearing red and grey jacket as visualized on the portrait. He is not meant to get along with all kinds of folks as the fact shows that at certain times and to certain people, he becomes socially awkward. The truth is, he’s in as long as there are no drugs, alcohols, and excessive swearing involved.

Exposed to art at a very young age like many other children in general, combined with space books, cartoons, anime, and superheroes on TV, triggered his imagination and often had to let them out on a piece of paper. Drawing had become something he really enjoyed on a daily basis, although not so much as he grew older. Having no proper techniques limited his ability to express what he had in mind. Interested in art, yet hardly put any effort into making one. But that was until the start of university when he began to put his heart into it and it appeared his lack of skill wasn’t really a concern to him anymore.

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