Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TOTAL E&P INDONESIE'S 40th Anniversary

Total E & P Indonesie (a multinational energy company) was established in Jakarta on 14th August 1968. And now Total E&P has reached 40. The celebration of Total E&P's 40th anniversary was held in Balikpapan. There were music and dance performances. I Wayan Balawan was a guest star in the event. He performed last and the best ( That's what I think). Well, he was the one I've been waiting for in that event. Balawan is a very talented musician from Bali, Indonesia. I'm proud that this country has a great artist like him. He played some kind of Jazz Ethnic on the stage with his 8 finger touch style. The music is combination of Balinese Gamelan and Jazz, and that was amazing. His performance made a great closing for the event.

photos by Fadil

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Balikpapan Art Festival 2008

BALIKPAPAN ART FOUNDATIONS held a cultural event with the theme of Public Green Space. The event called Balikpapan Art Festival was held in Komplek Ruko Bandar Balikpapan on 14-16 August 2008. The Artists collaborated to promote Public Green Space through their art works. Lack of awareness on the environment has caused a flood disaster and landslides in East Kalimantan, which caused loss of material and casualties. For that reason, Balikpapan Art Festival promoted the theme of 'Public Green Space' or 'Ruang Publik Hijau'.

There were show dance, theater, monologue, poetry, short films, Keroncong music, and etc. There were also painting, photos, and graphics exhibitions. Balikpapan Art Festival was absolutely free of charge. We could enjoy the workshops with nice near the sea environment.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The morning pastime

Sunday morning at around 8 am I went outside. It was a great morning for a walk, nothing really bothered my mind and seemed far from the hectic world. The morning oxygen gave all the freshness, everything just went great. At the park, I had the quality time to spend with the greenery around, observed around and I saw many flowers with great colors. I took a few pictures of them. That was a really relaxing time..

"There is however, a true music of nature - the song of the birds, the whisper of leaves, the ripple of waters upon a sandy shore, the wail of wind or sea." - John Lubbock (1834-1913)

photo by Fadil
( location : Total Housing Complex Sepinggan, Balikpapan)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good morning Balikpapan

Good morning Balikpapan,
It's vacation, I woke up at 4.45 am and went out for jogging.
the air was cool, yet still it was dark. Everything was calm, no cars and motorcycles passed by. Maybe the best view of the city and the oil refineries looked more beautiful early in the morning..
Then I got my tripod and pocket camera out of my bag. When everything was all set, I started taking pictures... The picture shown above was taken around 5.45 am - 6.00 am.
I added the pictures I just took into my vacation album, this will make me feel close to my hometown by the time I go back to Depok to continue my study..
Photo by Fadil