Monday, July 20, 2009

7/20/2009 “Summer Days”

solaria2I am too lazy to actually draw since my arrival to my hometown, Balikpapan. I had plan to make a short comic, but it never happened, Probably because of the activities I have here. It’s not like I’m really busy and have more important things to do, but I have other fun things to do. What’s the best part about lazy ‘summer days’? hmm, eating some good food, spending time with friends and family, going to beach, nice weather, jogging in the morning or in the afternoon, going to gym, playing games, watching TV, and I re-visited my old teachers in elementary school, junior high school, and high school. We had long conversation, I’m glad they still remember me. And these pictures of me and my friends were taken in a restaurant called solaria, located in Balikpapan Trade Center.Thanks to Irha for bringing Nikon D90!


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Alcy's Hobby Room said...

Ooh the food looks good, don't mind having some of those yummy stuff. :D Hope you find the time to start your comic soon! Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

it's great to see old friends ya fadil! :D.
but somehow holiday season means 'so-lazy-to-do-anything' days to me. sungguh contoh yang tidak baik. haha