Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Art and engineering

I’m having a little pause from all these engineering drawings right now. Engineering drawing is all about formality and precise way of communicating information about the shape, size, features, and precision of physical objects. In fact drawing itself is the universal language of engineering. So.. this is the drawing I’m currently making.. still need few more hours to finish I think.


This is actually a drawing of a microphone stand that me and my friends made in the manufacturing lab..

 fadil  hannibal

and these are me and Hannibal doing some welding. Welding itself is a fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals. The flame is dazzling, that’s why you have to wear the mask. Here is the video of our activity.

the making of microphone stand

There you go! the mini microphone stand is ready. By the way, the guy holding that mic stand is my friend, Hannibal Nasserie. He’s not only a student, he’s also a musician. He plays guitar in the band called idealego. He’s gonna have a concert in the Netherlands this month! But before going there, he (and all other students) have to face the final exams first ! Wish us luck!

Lastly, when I think about all these engineering stuff.. they’re not that different compared to art. In fact, engineering is art.

Image033 STAND MIC Proses Produksi_KALKIR


Reswari said...

nice work dek!!!

iyodeh said...

intinya capek...haha

Rawipuspa said...

I'm really happy with your job. I hope you will be a good engineer. It's nice work, my son.

Lin said...

Sumpah2 welding nya keren! nge las tuh?