Thursday, August 9, 2012

With the smell of barbeque in the air, I took the shot.

In attempt not to distract those who are fasting, I exclude the juicy beefs and sausages from this post. Brisbane, a barbeque-friendly city which we really take advantage of. Many free barbeque areas can be spotted at parks across the city, an example would be the Kangaroo point. While eating, you can enjoy the view of Brisbane city skyline, watch the rock climbing guys and girls, or.. just cheer up some random passing joggers. The picture below, wouldn’t be possible without my friend showing up with his Nikon coolpix s6000. Yes, it has much better quality results than my camera; Kodak Easyshare V1003, which is responsible for the 99% of the pictures in this blog (as of this moment). Despite not being the owner of the camera, I still have the privilege to publish this picture, since I took the shot.
kangaroo point by fadil wimala 
Kangaroo Point | 2011


Mollers Down Under said...

Great shot! I happened to walk along that path yesterday and got a few nice shots from there myself - you will see some one my blog soon. I still want to catch the late afternoon sun on the cliffs - I think that will also make a good picture.

Fadil Wimala said...

I think I need to go back there again sometime to take pictures. Small docks, the bamboo trees.. and many more objects that I can focus on.

Marienni said...

It looks beautiful! Amazing shot! What kind of camera do you have?

Steve said...

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