Sunday, July 8, 2012

Queensland’s capital

I owe this blog a few updates and since I can’t really describe how life has been like these past two years, I’ll just throw in several pictures I have on the hard drive. Introducing the early pictures after arrival…..ladies and gentlemen, Brisbane city panoramas.

First picture was taken from the goodwill bridge, which connects Queensland University Of Technology and Southbank parklands. The second picture was from a friend’s apartment in West end and finally the last picture is a view from mount Coot-tha.

goodwill bridge2



This is Scenic Sunday


Powell River Books said...

I love the wide angle shots. - Margy

bettyl said...

Those are lovely panoramas! The colors are so crisp!

Eden said...

Great views. Queensland is a beautiful place.

Brem said...

Beautiful photos, very interesting!