Sunday, September 13, 2009

emptiness, darkness, that came before dreams

Hello Darkness, it was always late at night, when everything and everyone else was quiet, that those voices would rise like ghosts, soft and haunting, filling your mind until sleep finally came.. In restless dream I walked alone in the narrow streets of cobblestone, Neath the halo of a street lamp. laughter, festivities have ended and I was on my way home. This dream, it’s not just a dream. It is a memory.. the_sun_is_dying____by_edgeofuniverse


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gisca said...

Fadil, in the name of jolly, I love your new layout! hihihi.
Fresh banget deh!
Anyway, I like your analogy about the darkness is part of memories, because I think I wouldn't know what light is, if I haven't stayed at darkness.
(secara metafor ataupun sebenarnya)

Fadil Wimala said...

kacau layoutnya..
ngedit2 code html malah jd berantakan, haha. Sebenernya masih seneng ma yg lama, soalnya minimalis ga kyk yg ini. Kita liat saja sampai kpn saya bisa tahan pakai template ini.. hehe.

gisca said...

'ngedit2 code html malah jd berantakan, haha.'

then you should keep tryin' dil! hahaha
tapi yang hari ini better dari yang kemaren, setidaknya header atas gak sekosong kemarin. hahaha

Unseen Rajasthan said...

BEautiful and lovely shots !! Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Fantastic shot !! Lovely.