Friday, June 5, 2009


I am thinking what I love to do and what I usually enjoy doing.. taking pictures used to be one of my interests, but since my pocket camera’s LCD screen cracked, I’m more focused on drawing and painting. I think it would be a good idea to develop skill in area that is my forte. Practice is a must and I noticed this interest isn’t temporary. The next thing that is important is sharing my works with others, I must know what people think about them, and advices are what I need. By the way, vacation has come and I have plenty of time doing what I enjoy doing.. Oh yeah, I really need my camera fixed!!


NicoleB said...

Looking forward to see some of your paintings (I think I've seen some in older posts, no?)

Aline Keren said...

semakin pintar menggambar saja kau anak muda :D
kalo ketemu, potin aku yaps :D
semoga kameranya bisa baik lagi, amiiiinnn....

Anun said...

wow! engineering and art! such a nice alchemy. reminds me of somebody.