Monday, December 1, 2008

Featured Artist: Mew

Mew are a Danish rock band. The song 'Comforting sounds' (released in 2003) from album 'Frengers' was their first major success and that's the first song I heard from them. Just like the title, this song really gives us comfort. In 2006, they released another great song called ' The zookeeper's boy' and for me this is just another comforting sounds. Like a surreal rock music, but that's just their nature of music. When I read the lyrics, I was really confused.. I read it over and over, but still didn't get the whole meaning. I think it's about a boy with the animal instincts inside of him, how he sees today's world, and when he fell in love. Really hard to digest but they made great sounds anyway. "are you, my lady are you..."

1 comment:

millou said...

Oh, I remember Comforting Sounds...!
Mew's songs are beautiful, I had never heard anything like that (I must confess I almost only listen to pure rock...)
thnx for opening my mind :D